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Nicky Hayden

Very sad to read this. At a time of Rossi domination, he was one of the few that challenged him.


Very sad indeed, he's one of the good guys. I love the story I read in an interview with him, where he explained his racing number, 69. It was Earl's (his Dad), and Earl chose it because it was the same when upside down, so still readable when he crashed. And he crashed a lot.


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sadly he didn't made it.

RIP top bloke

Bakewell, I prefer a tart

Unbelievably sad. The tragedy is that it same so many of these great racers are losing their lives Doing something that should be a safe and fun recreation , but the reality is they've ended up leaving us doing something less risky than their professional and potentially risky careers. RIP  to the " The Kentucky Kid "