No more Sigma Caterhams?

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David Bevan
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No more Sigma Caterhams?
I've seen a post on the Japanese Caterham website that the manufacturer has stopped production of Sigma engined cars and that going forward only the Ecoboost (1L) engine will be available! I must stress that the translation from Japanese to English could have completely changed the meaning of the message, but does anyone here know anything about this? ... I've got a 270 kit (UK) on order for the end of the year and I'm now worried that it's about to be changed to a 1.0L Ecoboost! Regards Dave
Derek Batty
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I think a set of peddles come as to give you a boost in power 


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Could that just be for the Japanese market?

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Is this the Kei car we were promised ?

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I understood that Caterham had access to a large "last time buy" of Sigma and Duratec engines so it sounds unlikely, but I don't say that from any position of particular knowledge.  As someone with an order in, I think you've got a very good reason to ask, and do please keep us updated!


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The 1l EcoBoost dosnt fit so I am told. The 1.6 on the other hand does and can be tuned to 300bhp plus .

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Andrew 21 Edney
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If you mean this site it has the phrase DUE TO THE END OF PRODUCTION, IT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN STOCK AT THE STORE on every model other than the 480S, but there is no such message on the main (UK) site so all a bit curious. You'd also think that the Japanese site would at least mention the new owners in their news section... especially as they describe themselves as "SCI Co., Ltd. (Caterham Cars Japan) is an authorized importer of Caterham Cars in the United Kingdom in Japan" and "a wholly owned subsidiary of VT Holdings Co., Ltd." so a bit strange.

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The answer is yes and no.  Sigma engined Caterhams are being phased out in all international markets.  An announcement was made for the US market to that effect.  As it was explained to me, there is a supply of Sigma engines that was secured by Caterham but it is reserved solely for the UK market.  The US market will be solely Duratec going forward until a new engine comes on stream.  


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This 1,000 hp car is powered by an Ecoboost - it's engraved right there on the top - but likely won't fit into a Caterham. Byebye


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Matthew Willoughby
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Caterham are no longer taking orders for Sigma engined cars unless you want to do the Academy. I made an enquiry about a new car and they said they are now focussing on the 360, 420 and 620. They also said that they are not looking to replace the Sigma at the current time.
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Have the base prices of the Sigma-engined cars risen more than the Duratec-engined cars recently?

On the CC website, a 270 is only £2,200 less than a 360 now.

And the base price of a 310 has gone up £1,800 since I ordered mine 2 years ago. 


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