No WhatsApp for you after February 8 unless you give Facebook permission to harvest your data Go

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No WhatsApp for you after February 8 unless you give Facebook permission to harvest your data Go

Short answer is go to Signal here:

What to use? (Signal)


One user wrote: "If you're looking at migrating out of WhatsApp, is a very good option. The signal app is developed under Signal Foundation which is a non-profit foundation. It is open-source and peer-reviewed. Same is not true with Telegram and other market offerings."

Me too.

Happy New Year everyone


p.s. I have been testing alternatives for a long time, Signal and Wire seem to be the best two and of those Signal is the more popular . well known and I seem to think it was created by the original author of whatsapp if anyone can confirm that. 

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I have used Signal for a long time, adding only family contacts to it so it is trivial to see if someone I need to respond to is trying to contact me.

Edited to add. I use Whatsapp as well and have no problem with that as I also have a Facebook account. While it provides a useful service I will continue to use it.

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Presumably at some point facebook will buy them too? I'll add that if you want sh*t for nothing there's a price. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram all free in return for your data. No point giving up Whatsapp unless you give up FB and Insta, credit cards, tik tok yada yada too. This obviously doesn't apply to the proud shouters of 'I don't do.............(insert here own choice) as it'll make no difference if you don't DO it (any of it)

The market should offer a Whatsapp offering for £1 per month billed with no data harvesting........maybe that might tempt some

However in reality we are so far past the point of return that your data is harvested in a myriad of different ways. I'd suggest it's pointless moving to a Signal type service unless youre  a closed user group/baader meinhoff. I'm reminded of the line in Spectre 'you're like a kite dancing in the wind Mr Bond'

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I also use Signal whenever possible, as it is more secure.


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I use Signal ... but getting completely off WhatsApp will take some doing!


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As far as I can see they aren't changing the way data is used in Europe, all chats are still end to end encrypted and all they will be able to get is basically my contacts, most of whom are already contacts on Facebook anyway. Personally I'm really not all that bothered. Even if they could access my chats, they would only hear me banging on about wiring looms and sending silly pictures. Good luck to them. Being slightly more serious, as somebody pointed out in a previous post, all of this service is being provided for free. These businesses are not charities. Guess they've got to get some benefit out of it somewhere.

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I’m on WhatsApp mainly with a couple of closed groups. It’s likely we’ll be migrating to something else. Zuckerburg has demonstrated his lack of trustworthiness in the past and this move won’t do any good to anyone other than him. 

It’s naive to think things like WhatsApp have ever been ‘free shit’; many people may not pay a subscription but many have done and the profit is made from the rest by selling the data they’ve already been harvesting.  

What’s happening now is that Facebook are going to try to massively increase the revenue by harvesting and sharing all sorts of info. If you’re happy with that, feel free and good luck. When the founders of WhatsApp left because they didn’t like FB’s attitude towards privacy and it’s plans for WhatsApp, the writing was on the wall for us all to see. 

I do agree that, in general, we’re past the point of no return with intrusive apps and platforms. Many have cause to regret that every year and it can only get worse. 

Don’t think it won’t happen just because it hasn’t happened yet.........

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Been switching to Signal & Telegram recently & WhatsApp'ed all my contacts yesterday to advise them I will drop it on the 8th.

Signal seems the better app, but a number of friends were already on Telegram. 

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Telegram may get caught up in the Parler fallout so maybe wait a bit on that one?

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Glad in one way don't no about all this latest technology,,,what's wrong with ,,,phone calls ,,,texts ,,,,e mails ,,and BC   On seven site ,,,,rest is pile of technology crap ,,,yes I'm an old fart but ,poss not only one ,


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Thank you for pointing this out Anthony. I'm off to Signal then - and hope my contacts will follow.


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