No WhatsApp for you after February 8 unless you give Facebook permission to harvest your data Go

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A useful comparison table Anthony, thanks for that. I reluctantly joined face book for Caterham stuff but with degree of separation and seeing that table makes me want to bin it again and become a social media pariah. Plenty of my clients are now swapping and insisting on Signal comms instead of WhatsApp.

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#21, Where's this screenshot from? Stewart

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WhatsApp extends 'confusing' update deadline

Possibly a number of differences between the US and Europe, but I think in general it is safe to assume that, unless you go to great trouble (including use of a VPN tunnel, track / ad blockers etc.), your online data is going to be mined for all it is worth (like it or not).

If you are using a "free" email service such as GoogleMail or Hotmail, chances are that the Terms of Service (ToS) state that their algorithms can glean info from the content you write and receive.  I doubt that there's a search engine around that isn't going to take the text that you search on and sell the info to someone (including what links you subsequently click on).  And there is a big industry around linking devices and accounts together so that advertisers get a good picture of an individual, even though they may use different devices and usernames / passwords.

In the US, my Internet service supplier states in their ToS that they can collect a load of information about me and then sell it to whomever they wish, and I have no opt-out on this.  Take it or leave it. Similarly, my 'smart" tv i s collecting lots of information about what I'm watching and when.  And I hope that everyone who uses virtual assistant technology and has any concerns about privacy has had a good old read of their ToS <eek>.  From this Wiki page -

Privacy concerns are raised by the fact that voice commands are available to the providers of virtual assistants in unencrypted form, and can thus be shared with third parties and be processed in an unauthorized or unexpected manner. Additionally to the linguistic content of recorded speech, a user’s manner of expression and voice characteristics can implicitly contain information about his or her biometric identity, personality traits, body shape, physical and mental health condition, sex, gender, moods and emotions, socioeconomic status and geographical origin.

I'm pretty sanguine about data being collected to drive which adverts I see.  The problems start when you get to issues like potential new employers vetting you for a new job based upon information mined from the Internet.  Maybe this information could dissuade a service provider from doing business with you - mortgage application, life insurance, property lease / rental etc.

In light of the above, one area where I value my privacy is with regards to genetic data.  The industry behind 23AndMe, Ancestry and others has been described as a privacy Wild West.  This page gives you an idea of some of the data privacy concerns.

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DuckduckGo is the best search engine for privacy. Been using it for a while & very happy with it. 

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The search results are very different from what Google returns. Maybe their indexing is not as efficient as Googles


tbirds search:

Blatchat Google Search

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I use VPNs and duckduck go all the time, matter of course and piece of cake.

Adverts I don't mind. It's all the other crap I object to. Though delivering it in German is a pain in the posterior, the Americans haven't a clue about their language geo location. They will soon be delivering adverts in Welsh to Cheshire.


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Cracking table, thanks, Anthony.

With VPN, I've added Tor to my browsing.  It doesn't work with all sites, but it's fine on most.

I'm considering resorting to a man running with a message written in Ancient Greek, in a cleft stick for my next level of security.


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