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North Weald driving tuition

I've booked a driving day at north Weald next month, just asking you guys on here what I can expect to get out of it?



Is that a normal 'Car Limits' day with you and three other cars?

Yes that's the one, have you done one? 

Yeah, did one when I had my Exige. They're brilliant, and I think even if you're already a good driver you can still get plenty out of it. I was half toying with doing another one in the 7, but I think it would now make sense for me to do it with people that have gone before so we could take it to the next level.

I've read the concrete is quite abrasive, did you eat much tread up?

Not noticeably, but I had on medium compound A048s rather than the LTS ones. Another mate went in his CSL and properly trashed his tyres, but I'd have thought a nice light 7 would be fine. Could be wrong!