One of Herts men is down... Stridey.

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Don't do Facebook and too far (France) to visit but I have you in my thoughts often. Keep cheerful and give it hell!


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Here's a wonderfully non PC picture of 60's hillclimber Maggie Blankstone. -  always makes me smile and I hope she does the same for you Mr Stridey


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Hi Stridey,


I know your name from Pistonheads and have always been on your side. Good luck and best wishes!! Adam

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Thanks for al the best wishes. Much appreciated. The club has been marvellous by sorting out my renewal and a lovely  card from Christine.

Basically I got a serious infection from a low immune system and was taken to the Royal Free in a blue light ambulance.

ive had a few ops and now waiting for deep wounds to heal. This along with the cancer means complications....

But I'm in a great place and being looked after superbly.

Thanks once again for kind thoughts.

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I wanted to do a vid at Penn but have no idea of how to fit it onto FaceAche.


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Derek Batty
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Good on you stridey 

all the best 


ps when one of those lovely nurses come along start growning for a bit of sympathy and cuddle 

paul seymour
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Nice touch L7C and well done to christine for looking out for a fellow sevener, that is what the club is about.

Pleased you are being looked after superbly and look forward to meeting with you at the moon and stars soon for a blat and a pint with the rest of the guys and Bog club.

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Enjoyed the video links above Yes . Best wishes for a speedy recovery Thumb Up

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John said:

"Here's a wonderfully non PC picture of 60's hillclimber Maggie Blankstone..."

... who was still competing into the 90s, with a Hart-engined Mallock in the unlimited sports-racing class!

Hope you are being kept comfortable Mike. (I should get back to London sometime this week - I'll try to drop by and say hello.)

Tony Pashley

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Thanks for the update Stridey. You've had enough crap for half the L7C! All the best for a speedy recovery.