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Nothing but positive comments here in France. If the car is parked in front of the house and little kids pass by showing interest I always offer them a sit in it.  They love it.

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The very first comment/question was, “has it got a V8.”

many have asked if it is road legal ( yes I was in traffic st the time)

and, of course, “how fast does it go?”

i still love the ones that ask, “what is it?” Ummmm, that would be the big CATERHAM word scrawled across the side of the car. If the lights change I just say it’s a Lotus. And smile. 

Overwhelmingly positive, but they haven’t seen how I drive.


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Man standing at traffic lights ``Is that a buggy? I`ve got one in bits in my garage if you want it!`` Lights changed I went!

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I sent a picture of my car to an exhaust shop when he wanted to know what it was, he replied " its death tram" I hung up.

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The most common reactions to mine were

- nice car ! (said aloud by kids between 4 and 14 and  women over 60; ) 

- , is it a Morgan ?

-my mate's got one these . only cost him £700 quid and an old Sierra ; what's yours based on? (Answer - Chapman's genius)

- on hearing i t' only ' had 2 litres, gratuitous advice that 'yer wanna gerra V8 in . it'll go proper then, chap ' (my pleas about weight and balance then go unheeded )   

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In this last year, 'have you finished the yet?' seems to be the most common one Rofl

The one I don't like is 'how much was it?'  Why this question above others, and how do you answer?  '£12000 in 2005, about £6000 is bits since?' 'It priceless', mind your own business?, same as your Focus? 

Maybe next time Ill just pull a random figure from the back of Motorsport magazine classifieds - better still, POA Silly

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In Brussels, an old lady wheeling a trolley behind her, on a crossing, stopped dead in front and said  "ohhhhh...belle voiture!".

Next day, dropping off my Belgian friend a young lad said something to his mum, I asked my friend what he'd said... it was "that's the car of a spy!"

Overwhelmingly positive comments, I don't think they invoke jealousy per se, just curiosity. It's a lovely aspect of Caterham ownership that people feel free to chat, compliment, enquire.

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I forgot, two policeman comments, first after being given 'words of advice' after leaving a village at, lets say, 'pace'..."ive always wanted one of those, being a fan of the Prisoner..."

And a motorcycle policeman, at the lights by Lambeth Palace... "Oi! , Stirling".... ( he had a nice quick chat and headed off)

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Good point, lots of people ask about price, often asking if they are still made. Sadly I really have little idea of what new Sevens cost (apart from "more than I can afford").


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Overwhelmingly positive here too. I try to always smile and wave back.

Most common question is which engine it has. It's usually me that tries to explain the Lotus/Caterham angle. And that I built (or assembled!) it.

Never been asked if it's a Morgan. What am I doing wrong?



Strange generalisation !!

Yes. But see BlatChat discussion of drivers of SUVs, German saloons, Jazzes...