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wild bill
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About 3 years ago in a supermarket car park as i was leaving  a rather hot lady somewhere between 40 and 50 arrived to do the weekly shop and just said "Beautiful" and i, feeling slightly chirpy said "you're not bad yourself" that actually made her laugh tho luckily i was unable to stop (or unluckily depending on one's moral compass)



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Caught a bloke taking a sneaky photo in the petrol station the other day.

Derek Batty
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Last year in Scotland nr invergary  pulled up at a petrol station ,, just filling up heard this loud engine rumble a gulwinged merc  pulled up other side of pump started to fill up three lads came up to shop on mountain bikes ,heard one say look at that for a car , all three came said hello and looked at the seven ignored the merc ,,, put a smile on my face ,,, the merc owner mussed have been well and truly pissed of ,,,,,,,,,magic 


Mark Gregory
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Never been asked if it's a Morgan. What am I doing wrong?

You need to start wearing plus fours & a deerstalker like Derek...... ;-)

Derek Batty
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Thanks mark ,,,,the other one is why is an old couple like you driving one of those things it looks very uncomfortable ,  

pilarks ,,, but when they se me trying to get out with half hood on it gives them a laugh 

not now as sbfs put me two zips in ,,great job 

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A  couple of years ago I was parked in the queue for the Bilbao ferry coming back from a 2 week jaunt. The car was filthy. Somehow I ended up arriving with some classics - I had an XK120 behind me, 300SL convertible in front, and a DB4 was hovering too. A bloke ran up and said "Can I take a photo of your car, it's cool" Cool No interest in the classics at all.

I can't remember any negative reactions to it. Touring in europe you often get thumbs up from both bikes and car owners, and I've never had a car that gets more cooperation from road users in terms of helping with overtakes. 

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Common questions when mentioning touring:

1 .Where do you put your luggage? They're genuinely amazed by the size of the boot

2. What do you do if it rains? (we've Brooklands aeroscreens) Simple answer, we get wet and that never seems to compute.

Always more admiration for the car on the Continent than the UK and my favourite comment from a guy in a Eurobox:

"Madness, sheer madness" said with a respectful laugh and thumbs up.

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John Vine
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My most bizarre question came some years ago from a lady of a certain age as I was leaving the Goodwood FOS.  "Is that a Lea-Francis?"  I imagine she had something like this in mind.

As I was filling up with petrol on the A303, a woman jumped out of an Austrian-registered car and asked, in impeccable English and with a charming accent, "Good morning, may I take a photo of your beautiful car?"

In France, people always seem to wave and smile, especially in the smaller towns.  And should I park somewhere, there'll be a crowd around the car when I return.  The first question is usually: "Oooh, belle voiture!  Quelle marque est-elle?"  When I reply "Caterham" (with English pronunciation) they look at me blankly.  When I then say "Kat-air-ram", they smile broadly. And when I explain that it's derived from the Lotus 7, they go all dreamy and say "Oooh -- Lotus!"  And on one occasion, a whole family asked if they could sit in the cockpit for photos (one at a time, naturally).

I do get the odd visit and comment at our local Sainsburys, but nothing like as enthusiastic as from our continental friends.


Tim S
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I was impressed by the foresight of a lad, about 8, in a car park who said that he was going to start saving for a Caterham.


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My 2.5 year old grand son if off on the right track, he loves climbing in and out of my 7 and this picture and emoji says it best Driving and yes the he moves the steering and tries to change gear,.. magic!

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