Pickup and weather concerns

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Derek Batty
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Hi Mark 

i bet you are sitting there thinking bloody hell ,,,,wish I had never asked 

just go get the car drive steady think you’ll be ok ,if really bad have an extra night half way in a hotel some were 


as i said If were me would go the trailer route as I said may cost a few extra bob ,, just tell the missis ,,sorry love no present this year ,,but you can have a ride in my new seven ,,sure she will smile 

john aston
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I think a greater sense of proportion is in order. People have been driving daft cars in the wrong place , and the wrong time , for more than a century . Some people even drove their very crude cars cars -on dirt tracks - the 9000 miles from Peking to Paris in 1907 . And they hadn't even heard of ZZR tyres ...

Wrap up warm and drive sensibly , with an educated right foot and a light touch on the steering front . You' ll be right-and it'll be an adventure -and probably one best savoured in hindsight . 

7 wonders of th...
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No different to driving in snow or black ice - respect the coditions

Martin J
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Short shift & keep it in sixth gear if wet. 

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You mentioned Oakmere would deliver to the ferry terminal, would an option be to fly over to Oakmere inspect the car then travel with them to the ferry terminal assuming they were going to trailer it there for you.

Maybe a bit cheeky but you could ask.

Paul Philpot
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6 months into ownership I got caught in a deluge of Biblical proportions on the M25/M20. No hood or doors (I misread the weather report!!). 

I kept in lane 1 and kept up as the conditions allowed. The only issue was the 40 foot lorries overtaking, it takes about 20 seconds for them to pass you.They just dump filthy water into the car.

I got to my destination safely but wet. It was an experience, an adventure and a learning curve.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


Golf Juliet Tango
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the 40 foot lorries overtaking, it takes about 20 seconds for them to pass you.They just dump filthy water into the car.

Been there. It's even worse for the passenger who can not see that the trucks and water are coming. Nor do the trucks understand why you are just trundling along, they are well above the spray.


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Ferry from Liverpool? As others have said, fit some ZZR, then sell them afterwards if you don’t need them. It’s hard to avoid the M6, from Cheshire to Heysham but it can be minimised. You could go Oakmere to Warrington, some M6 to Preston then up the A6. But a largely straight drive at a steady speed with minimal gear changes is probably safer than having to deal with junctions, roundabout and diverging traffic. If your outside of the busy periods, I reckon you’ll be fine. The worst bits of the M6 are Warrington to Knutsford southbound, generally speaking once your past Warrington and certainly Preston, northbound it’s not too bad. Touch wood. 

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I don't go on a motorway when there is standing water, and I get off first chance if caught in it. 

Why? I can't see enough to keep up with the traffic and fear the traffic behind me will run in to me. 
Other Sevens seem to have completely different motorway experiences. SVs notably.

Day one may not be the best day to find out. If you miss a ferry get a B&B. Use the A50? Avoid M6 J19 if wet (Knutsford). Semi slicks and all that horsepower on a sodden motorway. Not me. 

The most frightening times I have ever had, indeed the only ones in my seven, were motorways in heavy rain. That means as soon as the water is flowing or standing and visibility front and rear plummet and neither is there any grip. Nah, time for coffee, or at least hide off motorway.

We can all route plan you.. no problem.


KR500 CR500 tyres. 

Alan Bowler
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Wot John Aston said...

Plus all 7s are cabable of being driven slowly. A good soaking never hurt anyone (much) either.

But, to reduce risk if teally necessary, book ferry for next day, and plan on having an overnight on the mainland. Chances of heavy rain/standing water for 28 hours are low, you have time to take a different route, not be in any rush and can enjoy the experience. A b and b can be found somewhere easily on the day with a smartphone, location dependent on forecast on the day.