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Redline help

I hope I can post this as a genuine question.  What kind of business is Redline?  They are the oft recommended place to go to buy stuff.  However, my experience so far is quite poor.  It's possible I have the wrong expectation which always makes things go wrong.

Should I moderate my expectations to get through, have phone messages and emails returned?

I'm enjoying my return to Caterham ownership, but finding parts for crossflows is quite hard and I had hoped that Redline would come to my rescue, but it's been hard to buy stuff so far.

As I say a genuine question, hope it's ok.


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What sort of crossflow parts are you after?  My experience of Redline has always been very positive


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Quite a variety of parts.  But the phone doesn't seem to be answered very often.  Messages left with my phone number haven't resulted in calls back and my email has not been returned.  It's hard to buy from a company you can't place orders with!

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I emailed Redline late last Monday night about a sensor for my speedo, Chris replied 7am Tuesday morning, the part arrived Wednesday morning.  I really can't ask for better than that.


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I'm sorry to say I've emailed Chris twice and phoned twice over the last three weeks but so far have had no response. I hope everything is OK. 


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Hello It has been an extremely busy time recently and with the house move on top of that we have fallen behind. To let anyone down is disappointing all round, I am sorry. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible


Redline Components Ltd, Specialist parts supplier for all Caterham Sevens and Lotus 7's 

[email protected]        01883 346515

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Running a one man business since 1984 I can tell that it can from time to time be very difficult to meet everyone's expectations if you have to do it all yourself!

Keep up the good work Chris and try not to stress.

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Apart from being a happy customer I'd like to add a couple of points.

In case anyone doesn't know... one of the advantages of buying from Redline is that you don't have to be sure exactly what it is that you need... 

And parts for older Sevens are generally going to get harder to source. If we buy the easy bits from Redline it's more likely that it will be there when we need the harder bits.




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Chris has always offered exceptional parts service - even when the customer has not a clue as to what they really require or how to adequately describe it !

Remember he is a 'one man band' & the UK is not his only customer base. A certain degree of patience is required. In my experience an inquiry email or indeed phone call to answer machine is always answered in a relatively short time. In fact sometimes the answer is while he is either driving to or from work which exhibits dedication to the customer.

In my opinion he offers exceptional service, in some cases a lower price or equal comparison with 'the other lot'. If he cannot lower the cost due to buying in then a good deal on p&p for high priced items does bring a notional discount.

Who else would offer to press rear bearings into the hub at no cost before dispatching ?

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As a new Caterham owner I have contacted Redline only twice, by email. 13th August & 21st August. Both times I received an answer within 24 hours. So I'm very impressed!
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Your not the exception I had significant problems across many product areas with my rebuild order sadly.