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Only used once, and an extra call on top of my email, was all it needed. Then item arrived, very quickly, well packaged. As with all small one man bands, local shops etc etc.....use them or loose them......
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Thanks all for the info and thanks Chris for responding. Cheers Graham
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sent me emergency on tour rescue parts in the South of France practically over night - advantage of being a one man band.

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Another happy Redline customer -  got me new rear suspension plus some other bits arrived in Aus within 7 days at 1/3rd of the delivered price I was offered by another option.

Sorry to hear of your experience but I find them the best option. 


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I'm fortunate in not having had to call on Redline for parts very often.  But when I have, Chris has been superb.  Far more knowledgeable about my car than I am, and about which part I need.  And my bits have invariable arrived the next day.

We'd be at a great loss without Chris and Redline.


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Another big thumbs-up for Minty.  

He once hand-delivered some parts to me when I was at the 7 Workshop before I even knew I needed them! Bow 

The downside of providing an almost universally superb service is that it sets a level of expectation that can't always be maintained, especially as a one-man operation.

The OP seems to be unfortunate that he is the "exception that proves the rule"!

Derek Batty
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Phoned last year for couple of bits ,came by return very good service


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Another thumbs up here. Always answers whatever he is doing even at weekends. Can't do enough to get stuff right. I think your experience is an exception. Cheers.
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To the OP.

I have a Crossflow and have always used Chris since giving up on CC as they never had anything in stock for older cars and always took an age to respond.

Chris is excellent, provides great service at great prices. He is a one-man band so bear in mind he has a lot on his plate plus the general stuff of life to content with (like the rest of us) and he needs a holiday once in a while so can't always respond immediately.

Persevere - it's worth it !



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