Same as it ever was ?

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Same as it ever was ?

Being a sad old git I have lots of old car magazines . Here is the text of a letter published in CAR , January 1971 , from my last year in the 6th form  -

I was interested to read your Ferrari  versus Lamborghini road test and to see the Miura described as a rich man's Lotus Seven . At over 12 times the price I am sure Miura owners get no more driving pleasure than I do in my humble Lotus Seven The Miura may be in a different league as far as performance  is concerned - although a Seven could chase it up to the legal limit - but for sheer exhilaration it must be hard to beat an open Seven on an empty winding road . Until I win the proverbial pools and can afford to buy a Miura for comparison's sake , I shall be able to impress people by telling them  I drive a poor man's Lamborghini Miura !

Hugh Denholm


I wonder if Hugh is still with us ? I do hope so .


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Plus ça change...

But I think the opening of The Italian Job with its Miura would not be improved by the substitution of a Seven.


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