Is a seven a kit car

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'Now think about it malc' 

No need    Rofl


R.I.P. SLR No.27.

Clive Dabinett
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I Think you will find its a component car. Mr Nearn was quite adamant it was a component car.

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I would say it's a kit car, does it really matter. It's just the same as a W******** . It's built from a pile of components from many manufacturers, do Caterham actually manufacture many of the components ? Just enjoy it for what it is  

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I missed the `component` bit in the video but I did get the five and a half grand nearly X 10 for a set of `components`!

Stephen Long
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I think if it was built at the factory it's not a kit car. However if you want to take all the parts hone with you and build it yourself.. well that's a kit of parts, so it's a kit car. Who ever builds it , it's still a wonderful thing. Longy
john aston
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All cars are kit cars - it's just the builders who differ .


My only cavil is that the term embraces everything from top end GT40 and Stratos replicas , via Sevens and Westfields, to the slew of cheap and nasty stuff . .

Geoff Brown
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This subject seems to pop up from time to time & it is all about semantics.

This is the way I see it: The Seven is a component car due to all new parts when factory built or delivered to your door as a 'kit' in boxes.

The Seven is a kit car when it contains donor parts usually second hand/overhauled to as new-ish from a source other than the factory.


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Mine's definitely a kit then as I am sure Ford weren't producing new Type 9 gearboxes in 2010!

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The original Lotus 7s were sold as kit cars to be assembled at home to avoid tax.

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Mine is a kit car and proud of it and I'm more than happy to have awesome days out with other kit car owners too. I don't care if folks are driving a Robin Hood or a Cobra rep, it's all about the passion. It's all fun.