Is a seven a kit car

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Years ago a friend bought a W******** starter kit, now this was a kit car in the true sense. All you got was the bare minimum, you even had to paint the chassis and cut and rivet the alloy panels. The idea was you built the car in stages from Westfield. We worked out what the running gear was,cables, hub etc and sourced most of it from scrap yards.Depending on your level of skill you could produce a very good car or not. In theory all self built Caterhams should be the same if the instructions are followed properly. I would like to build one myself but couldn't justify the cost. My car was built by a Caterham contractor 25 years ago, the benefit of this is it's classed as a kit car, so no emissions test, no cat. As long as it not smoking it's a pass!  

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The answer is in post #9

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Will have a look tomorrow 


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When I bought my CSR, they weren’t available in kit form. As I understand it, this was because there wasn’t a build manual which covered the IRS which was all new at the time, so not a kit car!

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Mine's a Q plate = kit

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When we say new parts, are the front (Spitfire) and rear (Sierra) calipers really new parts? Surely they are not still in manufacture. I have wondered this for some time.

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Can someone explain the chassis numbers in more detail.

Referring to post 9, mine has both  "S" and "K" in it.

Which part of the chassis number determines Factory or kit?


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Clive, a complete guide to chassis numbering is on the website here:


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Mines definitely a kit car, i bought a starter kit and took it apart, i used the chassis,paneling and complete front suspension, all the rest is shed made.

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Mine was supplied as a kit, on invoice, assembled by a now defunct dealer. It's a 1995 Crossflow and I know many at that time were registered as Q plates even when sold by Caterham.

in my view it can be described as a kit car, but as Caterham supply as a fully built car it muddies the water a bit. 

I think a lot of people use the"'is it a kit car?" As a friendly conversation starter.