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Oh dear, they don't have any stripes... so you won't look like a chav or any kind of tw## or a wannabe racing driver.... Plain black with small logo.

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Hello and welcome I use these Sparco Slalom RB-3 Classic Race Leather Boots Vintage FIA Fireproof. There are understated and very comfortable. Longy
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Re #12:

Ah yes, you're right -- no stripes etc.  IIRC, my son ordered a pair of Kodens (size 11, I think) for my birthday a couple of years ago.  They were just the ticket except that the sizing was bad.  I take size 10.5 (EUR 45).  To fit, the Kodens would need to be size 12.  Unfortunately, that size was out of stock so back they went for a refund.


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If you don't go for the racing bootie look (I don't!) then something like Barbour Eldon driving shoes. I've been driving my 7 in a pair for 2 years - comfy and also ok at work or around town.

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I have been using Stand 21 Daytona II... Very comfortable.

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I quite like barefoot running shoes - eg the "glove" style from Merrell


Not so comfy for walking around but fantastic for driving and not so garish as some of the race boots. 

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#17  Similar to me Jon T.  I like to wear worn out/ thin soled pumps , currently tatty pair of Fred Perry's. 

Great for lots of pedal feel.