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Shropshire Area Sevens

Interesting first meeting at Fox and Hounds in Shawbury. Lovely meal and will go back there again. A bit pricey but then it is a Gastro pub. My wife and I arrived about 7.15 just before the advertised time of 7.30 on the last Tuesday of the month.

Hung Round till about 8.40 - no one else had turned up  when we had decided to leave. Looking for disappointed emoji at this point- perhaps the SAS have gone black ops en masse.

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Hi Sooty, sorry no-one turned up. I've recently stood down as the area AR, and have just come back from a trip to Spain with some others, so was away on Tuesday.

Hopefully, some-one else will take on the roll soon, and get the meets / blats going again. If I'm around for the October meet, I'll probably be there. 

Glad you enjoyed the meal!


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Derek Batty
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Hi sooty.  That’s a  nice nudge to you.    Enjoy.       Derek