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Shropshire Area - Sunday morning blat

Weather forecast is looking pretty reasonable for Sunday. Hopefully, no salt being spread over the next couple of nights either.

So who's up for a blat? Blast away those winter blues!

Subject to confirmation on Sat afternoon, we'll leave the BP garage at Battlefield, A49 / A53 island at 8:30 Route to be decided on the day, but will include a breakfast stop.

Might be a bit chilly, but hey, you'll warm up again. If you don't make the most of days like this, you might as well SORN.

All invited. Who wants to give it a go?


Any takers? 



*smokin. Aero and no heater...it will be fun! 

Went out this p.m. for half hour and It was okay.

Just bought a new cold weather blatting hat. Had to check it's fully functioning!

Been out this afternoon myself and my new compression top under armour thingy and Sealskinz gloves worked wonder!s Just need a new hat and I'm sorted! However, Shropshire ain't too local so I'll have to give your blat a miss tomorrow, but enjoy!!

New hobbies include:

1) Learning to develop a lighter right foot.  2) Learning the location of all local tunnels.  3) Learning to feed a family on the cheap as I've spent all the money on a plaything

Hi Paul.   Never forget.  Quite a few years ago.    We were going to car show at brands hatch    Not in seven.      It was absolutely sheeting it down.  Came  to a junction.   Opposite us a seven with aero screens.  Both in red wet suits and helmets.        Derek.   

Derek, we've been caught in those type of conditions a few times. Worst is when your goggles fill up with water, but with a helmet on, it just becomes great fun. You do get quite a few funny looks!

waiting for your route to be published,

Hi Colin,

Wasn't going to set any route, just make it up as we go depending on what any others want to do. Looks like I might be on my own.


Hi     Ivaan.    Ever thought of taking up snorklering.   Best car for you   Poss white James Bond.   Esprit.        Happy motoring.        Derek 

if you fancy brekky at brenig dam cafe ill see you there.say 10ish.then go for a blat.what do you say.