Slightly O/T - Polestar PS1

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Slightly O/T - Polestar PS1

I was lucky enough to get a 45min drive in a PS1 today which a mate sorted for me, they had a couple of slots free on the demo day so when offered, I jumped in (if I must!!). From what the guys said, there's only 4 in the UK just now, production will be 1500 globally and they only come in LHD so I'm not expecting to see many on the roads. It's the first 'Hybrid' I've driven, however with 609HP and 1000nM of torque in this one, probably as good an introduction as I could get to battery powered life. As a sevener of a mere 14 years (still a newbie ;) ) I'm not sure I'm qualified to review a car but, in brief:

Is it fast? £$%^ me yes! When in 'Power' mode the acceleration is instantaneous and brutal, I had to literally hold on.

Handling? "O.K". It weighs 2.3 tons, you can hear and feel the tyres complaining and scrubbing in the tight and twisties, it will eat rubber relentlessly but I felt it was more of a GT than a sports car.

Does it stop? Yes, great brakes, 6 pots, thank god.

Boot space? About as much as a 7, 1.21 Gigawatts!!!!

Looks? I thought it was smart, you can see the Volvo P1800 heritage, but it's also got an American muscle car look from the side and the rear looks like a 60's Lincoln (will happily be corrected), certainly a head turner, I felt a bit self conscious!

A drivers car? Not sure, amazing piece of kit and massive novelty value. If you want to be a long way away from where you are now in a straight line and in zero time, then this is probably the weapon of choice, however jumping back into my daily drive (F-Type) felt a lot like jumping into my 7 from the Jag, which probably says a lot.

Any way you cut, it a cool and rare car which as a petrol head I thought I'd share with some like minded types, here's a few pics: