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Ah but then it would default to 'speeding kills'.  The buggers will get you somehow.  Driving 

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From my experience Brooklands screens and no helmet makes it much easier to drive at legal speeds. Not really a viable option for the daily driver though.

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M6 southbound one evening in the dark, 4 lane section approaching jct21, 4th lane gantry has a red X. Looking further on it's possible to see the next gantry is showing all clear. So the arse in the big Range Rover is determined that he should use the 4th lane and ignore the lane closed warning to pass all the slower moving vehicles in lanes 1 to 3. Thankfully he didn't plough into the two small cars that had crashed and were stopped ahead of him in lane 4, no lights on and one in the central reservation. The red X has been part of the Highway Code for a long time, it certainly was when I took my test over 35 years ago and has nothing to do with the introduction of smart motorways. To allow people an awareness course for ignoring it is weak at best, maybe even irresponsible. It should be a heavy fine and penalty points, our motorway network is too congested to allow otherwise.


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It's true that fuel consumption improves when driving at 50 through the average speed check area on the M27, so I suppose that pollution is reduced. But it's still jolly irritating.


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Hardly surprising when many motorists can't even work out when to use bus lanes....


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Given the current parlous standard of driving exhibited by a large % of the population this does not really come as a surprise. On a recent (short) motorway drive I saw various drivers failing to signal, crossing solid hatch markings, passing beneath a 'lane closed' sign, undertaking at speed, driving on the phone and tailgating me so close at 70mph I thought they were actually sat in the back of my tintop! It is incredible that there aren't way more accidents.

It seems to me that by taking this approach the authorities are signaling that they are now content to allow the lowest common denominator to determine road policy. Can we expect further announcements on the same lines? Any suggestions?

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Take out the cameras and insert policemen (ones that can drive).



meaning are trained. Won't happen of course because the profits are not directable.

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Used the M1 last week & the stretch of 'smart' motorway from approximately J23 to J27 or J28 has the gantry signs illuminated with the national speed limit sign. So wandering too far over 70mph will ensure that one receives a NIP as the cameras will be active.

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Most of the smart gantry's are no fitted with the big yellow canon style cameras on the base of the left hand post - they cover all lanes