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This is quite a long read and as it is posted by peteplug, it will attract plenty of my personal 'fact checkers', but if anyone is interested in a simple analysis this maybe of interest.

I'm not saying I agree with it all but...

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Re #12 - The fact that this is an article from Canadian Citizens for Charter and Freedom Rights (C3RF), a far-right organisation typically labelled as an anti-Islam hate group amongst other things and aligned with groups like The Soldiers of Odin doesn't bode well for it's critical thinking. The author's scientific credentials seem to be based on being a beef/cattle farmer and don't give it much credibility from my perspective. A quick scan shows the usual Covid misinformation and a lack of understanding of Canadian Charter Rights, mixed in with a few facts that seem to be correct.

I'll stick to the scientific articles when it comes to analysing the Covid pandemic related science.


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OK I'll bite

I'm not a 'fact checker' an this isn't where the article falls apart.  I've read the article and it follows the usual 4-part template:

1 - Loads of information.  A few dubious sources but mostly OK and more than enough for credibility, stacked up towards a particular theory.

2 - Conclusion that those in power are making suboptimal decisions

3 - Intelligence assumption

4 - Conspiracy conclusion

The main thrust is that the information presented drives a conclusion that mass vaccination undermines the ability of the human race to deal with the virus through naturally obtained immunity.  However, this is the writer's chosen conclusion and, in my opinion of what is written in the article, the information could also be read to conclude that mass vaccination is a helpful bootstrap of the human race's ability to deal with the virus through naturally obtained immunity.

The writer therefore concludes that  those in power are making suboptimal decisions

Part 3 is where all conspiracy theories collapse.  They all pivot on the assumption that those in power are intelligent people who have a grand plan and always take good decisions that serve their goal. That those in power are somehow a cabal of secretive illuminati. The truth is that so many of our leaders are incompetent idiots who are constantly making huge mistakes and ridiculous decisions.  The assumption of the writer, like all other conspiracy peddlers, is that there is a link between wealth/power and intelligence.  The truth is that there is no link. We have all seen this - in every walk of life we have all come across leaders, bosses and wealthy individuals who are dumb, stupid and incompetent. The ultimate proof of this takes just two words - 'Boris' and 'Johnson'. Imagine if there was a secret illuminati that ran the planet.  Boris or some other idiot would have screwed up long ago and let the cat out of the bag.  There are just too many idiots for any conspiracy to survive. I recommend you read "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity" for more thoughts on this point.

The writer even says on many occasions "Only an idiot would have thought this was a good idea", thus concluding that it must be a carefully constructed plot, and failing to come to the alternative conclusion that the decision maker actually was an idiot.