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starcom headsets

I want to get some new headsets , other than the standard Optime 1s, as they squash my ears.

Any ideas are very welcome...

I went for optime 3s to build the autocom motorbike headsets into as per SM25Ts recommendations and instructions. Lots of depth to them.

Still on the 'to-do' list however!!



mmm I think I should just ask SM25 to do them for me....not far down the road


Have been using set called stilo practice rally head sets done approx 2500 miles with them could not now do without  they work of car battery or 12 v battery which we use think they cost around £320.    You can get cheaper ones but would not bother these are     Very good.       If you want more info contact me.      Derek 

Should be straight forward swapping the equipment over to the larger ear defenders as long as they haven't gone crazy with the hot glue gun.