A Statement from the Area Representative Working Group (AR9)

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Hi Ian,

Just wanted to thank you for highlighting this to support what we are doing to take the club forward.

Aside from the politics and bad behaviour that we have / are having to deal with we are doing our best to work on the wider issues too.



on behalf of the AR9

AR Working Group
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We are very pleased to announce that Graham Howard has offered to take over the role of Competition Secretary from Chris Bramall and the handover is in process  To support Graham, Paul Collins and Alan Bowler have agreed to join the competition team as well.

Thanks to Chris for the work he has done on behalf of the Speed Series and we see this good work continuing under Graham, Paul and Alan as well.



on behalf of the AR9

AR Working Group.

Steve Wright
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Well done Graham, Alan and Paul Thumb Up

Well done AR9 too, for taking the club forward.

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Well done chaps, both incoming and outgoing.

I don't participate but it is clear to me that the camaraderie of the Speed Championship is very strong.


Clearly the AR9 are making discreet progress.


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