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Sunday Times - Chris Rea

Great 'Me and My Motor' piece last Sunday on Chris Rea (good bloke; great songrwriter, excellent music and ace slide guitar player).:

'One car he always wants in his garage is a Caterham Seven.'

"It's heaven to drive." 

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Played a great set in Liverpool last week. There is a recent interview from breakfast TV on You Tube.


Andy. Giving the Caterham a more thorough than normal winter strip down. Found what might be the last of the plastic insects from Le Mans some years ago.  

I enjoyed the article despite thinking his dream car would be a nightmare "Ferrari V12 powered Caterham". 

Also Rowan Atkinson's BDR was in Coy's auction yesterday. 

I liked his comment about upgrading it with a newer version in the same colour so that his wife would not notice!