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Roger King
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The Cullinan is "wonderful". To my eyes it looks just like an obscenely bloated Austin A40 Farina. But it redeems itself, because this time it had a hatchback from the start.

Jonathan Kay
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... an obscenely bloated Austin A40 Farina.

Just my thoughts about those angles around the D pillars. The ADO16 Countrymen were similar. 


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The wheels on the cunnilingus look way to small and teh rears are not concentric with the arches

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Need to get the 26" ones for the full bling and set the air suspension to "low":



john aston
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I was overtaken by a Bentayga the other day .- it filled most of the outside lane .Trying - and failing - to go for the  understated look , it had a satin grey vinyl wrap and looked absurd . Talking of drug dealers' transport, have you seen a Lamborghini  Urus ? I don't have the words - well just one maybe- why ?