There are Lego models and there are models.

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There are Lego models and there are models.

Don't think this has been posted before

The attention to detail is phenomenal.  

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Outstanding,really outstanding.

For decades I constructed and airbrushed just about everything you could model, right from the age of about ten until a few years ago,I only stopped due to failing,read ageing, eye sight,I'm in my late fifties now.

That is a real painstaking project to get get right and what a great job he has done.

I love to see nice accurate work like that,its what super detail accurate modelling is all about.

Nice diversity like this coming out of the blue on blatchat is what makes it so great.

Now where did I put my Iwata air brush ? Idea

Back driving a seven again after more than twenty five years

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Angus has been working on those for years, he posted a detailed write-up recently somewhere. If I remember he got stuck on some of the detailed parts until 3D printing became available and then it was possible to complete the models.

As you say the attention to detail is stunning.

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I was particularly impressed by the detail on the wiring of the ECU plug.


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Stunning work, i'm a scale modeller of aircraft, but at a big scale that makes it semi easy. That is ridiculous. Nice one Angus!

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