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Todays idiot

...spent ages trying to source a new key for his petrol cap, so that he had one on each set of keys, spending £15 and a couple of hours on a mission to beautiful downtown Tottenham.*shoot*

He felt pretty sure he only ever had one working key...

....Today, while looking for his mother’s ring pull assister for opening cans found a key hidden amongst her kitchen aids, in a tea strainer. Confused

How the *%#+ did it get there? Blabla

Haven’t found the ring puller. Perhaps I (oops, rumbled) should check my car for it.*confused*

Our neighbour lost their 2nd mini key having lost the first one months earlier. Prevaricated for 6 weeks and  strip searched the entire house twice finally stumped up the cash and had one cut/programmed by BMW. Next day found it in mother in laws car glovebox??

Does this mean you need to get another ignition key so you have 3 sets?



Does this mean you need to get another ignition key so you have 3 sets?

Funny you should say that, the thought crossed my mind...Id need an immobiliser fob too (£35)...but ‘man maths’ told me this would justify the £15.

I think I’ll quit while I’m, er, behind. :-(

...unless someone needs key 612...

Does anybody still lock their petrol cap? Lot of effort and faff to access a tiny tank  ...

True, but people fiddle with things and become magpies and nick things. The aero style cap is an attractive thing.

More worried about it in hotel car parks overnight, pubs, events, etc.

And I recently forgot to put it back on and luckily it didn't fall off the rear cover on the short drive home as it was wedged by the roll hood...  a key will make me concentrate more.

I tend to follow the logic that if there is a lock it should always be used.....but this approach has got me into trouble several times. Once, when I was working in the local educational grants department (remember those, grants?) - there were about 40 filing cabinets with sort of 'push in' locks at the top which secured all the drawers, and shortly after I started work I was the last one out of the office so pushed all the locks in before I left......only for my angry manager to tell me on arrival next morning that some 'buffoon' had locked all the student grant records up the previous night and nobody had the keys. They had to get a locksmith in to open them all.........I said I was sick and went home early. Yikes  Whistle Getmecoat 

Must admit I never lock petrol cap poss will start now.  When leaving car away from home.        Derek