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Towing breakaway cable regs 2014 - heads up

Europe wide law

Now Illegal to loop breakaway cable round tow hook.

What’s new?

New designs of towbar are now approved to UNECE Regulation 55, instead of usually confirming to Directive 94/20EC (Reg 55 was always an accepted alternative). The relevance of this to breakaway cables is that Reg 55 requires the towbar to have a designated breakaway cable attachment point, which 94/20 never included.


Best description I can find is here:


and in googled English 

and an English site:


with thanks to SM25 for the unhappy German's sorry Swiss tale, 460 franc fine for looping round tow hook. No, this is NOT merely a Swiss law, but as usual the Swiss are nailing foreigners for money seeing it as a profit opportunity.

The solution I will apply is £3 quid from Amazon 



Your safety should go through an eye. Simple and obvious really.

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What country/countries does this apply to?

My tow hook doesn't have any kind of eye where the breakaway cable could attach, so I've always just looped it around the hook.

Seems to be a Swiss law.

Whilst I was under the car putting the crud cover back in the hole for the detachable swan neck towbar, spotted there was an eye on the metal towing frame on the car which is presumably to attach the tether. I didnt even know it was there as well hidden and it was only remembering this thread that made me link the two ( no pun intended).

Maybe worth a check underneath the car if you have a swan neck towbar as there may be a legal (in Switzerland) tether point.



Thx Ian,

your comment has prompted me to ferret around under the back of my tow bar to see if it has a "well hidden eye"


Do report back on your findings ;-)

It's been like this in Denmark since the first tow bar was fitted. Funny thing is that it*s not until round 2010 the eye became mandatory for E-approved tow bars, which means that a lot of legal cars are illegal to use!

cheap solution £3

It's Europe wide law not Swiss.

That "cheap solution" won't work for most removable swan-neck towbars. It relies on the two-bolt mounting system often used for fixed bars.

Europe-wide motoring laws? Do such things exist? If they do, I don't think the UK implements them.

I know. I have such a mounting system.

I'll stick with where you don't think.