Under age driving - where

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Under age driving - where

My kids are approaching the age where driving is on the horizon and I wonder if there are places I can take them to have a go on private land?

I've looked at the Under 17 Car Club but they are predominantly south based events.

Other thought was Curborough for a junior 'car controls familiarisation with mum or dad'? Gentle laps of the circuit learning how to steer / change gear etc.

I have fond memories steering a mini van around mum and dads private caravan site where they had their static (didn't hit anything!)

Any ideas / suggestions?


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Both my boys did some driving with an instructor at 15 yrs old with Admiral. They have centres all round the country in park and ride centres and car parks. Basic car control..individual lessons or blocks of 6 at a reasonable price. Worth a look.
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Mercedes World at Brooklands had a driving school for kids, the only requirement was that they could see over the steering wheel, don't know if it's still going.  If you were prepared to dig deep into your pockets they reckoned they could take the kids up to test standard.

The other place was on army land down at Aldershot, can't remember the name tho'.

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Cardrome in Hornchurch, Essex was mentioned in the other thread. That's where I learned the basics when I was 16.

It does seem to be a one-off unfortunately: http://drivecardrome.com

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Both of my two kids had a couple of one hour sessions at MB World and they think it really helped their confidence.  They still offer them, at £95 an hour.  Of course, when the kids did their first session, my good wife just had to have a go in an AMG on one of the Driving Experience sessions.  Needless to say, I did not let her drive home!

I also gave the kids some practice in our field, driving the Defender.  Perhaps surprisingly, that taught them a lot about car control and awareness of their surroundings - and also how heavy a clutch can be!

I think any practice they can get off road is invaluable.  Jumping straight into a car on the public road can take a lot of getting used to.  Good luck!