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I’ve had the same Accurist quartz watch for about 30 years, which I still wear for work, but two years ago made the fatal mistake of researching to choose a new watch. I finally went for a Radio Controlled Citizen Eco Drive which has turned out to be a fantastic watch which I would recommend to anyone. However, having caught the bug and carried out a bit of extra work, I soon went down the luxury watch route and purchased an Omega Seamaster 300M Ceramic. Like Manstein,in an earlier post, my favourite is the Rolex Explorer 1, but finances didn’t quite stretch to that so my next purchase was the very similarly styled Tudor Heritage Ranger. As others have mentioned previously the timekeeping of the automatics will never match that of a quartz especially that of the radio controlled Citizen which updates itself ar 2am each morning and even moves itself when the clocks change. Despite the fact that this cost about a tenth of the price of the other two it still makes this my go to watch for most occasions.



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Yayyy lovely !! The Monaco is gorgeous but very heavy on the wrist. Feels like a breeze block after the 2000 but its the watch that people ask me about the most


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Three of my favourite watches 2 in regular use and one just about to go on holiday at the Rolex workshops for a refurb. First is a Rolex Explorer 1 delightfully simple and much nicer than the clumsy Mk2. Second is a Cartier Tank Anglais a plain watch by Cartier standards. Finally my ancient Rolex Datejust I've owned it since the early eighties and in desperate need of a service which will be its sixth. The services have cost more than the original watch.

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:-) I've just swapped the other way, didn't actualy kill he traser, they are tough as old boots, but the Tritium was well passed it's best and found a Nite Hawk being sold second hand on ebay, still had film on buckle and glass and got it for  £170  , bargain, bit bulkier than a Traser but lovely watch 

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My first nice watch - treated myself when I left Sony - it is a perfect colour match to the Ferrari red of my stripe *nerd*

Since bought another C Ward and a few others.

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 I’ve just sold this . It’s on the Watchfinder website if anyone’s interested .

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Now looking for one of these 

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Love watches!

Fathers Omega Seamaster from 1955. Seiko Kinetic from 90’s. Citizen Ecodrive from ?2000’s. Barbour automatic.

Latest edition  (pic) a  Seiko Bellmatic from the 70’s – with the manual alarm feature – just off at the speicalist.




Got my eye on an interesting micro brand dive watch…………


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Loving the pictures!

Manstien, I love that Cartier! Want!

I spent my first wage packet ever, as a junior designer, working in Soho, by walking round to Mappin and Webb and buying a Longines. I couldn’t afford a Cartier but it had some of the design elements I liked. 

Fast forward to 1995 and I did a job in Hong Kong. Mr Chu the company owner knew I liked his Patek Phillipe and asked if there was a watch I liked. I casually mentioned the Cartier Panthers. After training his staff one day he asked me to join him in his chauffeur driven Mercedes and we headed off to Kowloon. He took me to his jeweller and bought me the Panthere you see in the picture. I feel very lucky.

Cartier deleted it from their line for a few years, but recently brought it back..... for women(!). I do think the small Panthere looks great on ladies, even prefer to the ladies Rolex.

I do love the Rolexes, Siekos etc, but I just don’t suit a chunky watch. 

Keep ‘em coming!


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Think if was  in soho could have spent it better than buying a watch