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The family Rolex, now sitting in our safe. Bought in Hong Kong around 1954-57 by an uncle, who gave it to my grandfather, then it passed on to my father when he died. Now I look after it to pass onto my son. It was a daily wearer and is heavily worn. The strap is a Hong Kong 18k one, not Rolex, but has been with the watch from the beginning.

One day I will get it back to Rolex to get the internals refurbished and a new glass, but no polishing or dial change.


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That looks really nice - in an age where everything has gone high tech and interactive I do like something that is simple, elegant and does (solely) what it was designed to do. A bit like the seven!


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Just found this thread!

I have a small collection of watches and wear 2 on a daily basis! A fitness watch on my right wrist and which ever one of my collection I fancy on the day on my left wrist.

My current collection is...

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Casio Men's Sports Tide and Moon Graph Watch

Citizen Skyhawk

Citizen Perpetual Chronograph AT

Citizen gold dress watch

Garmin Fenix 5X

Rotary Skeleton

Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium

Seiko SKX007K2 Automatic Diver

Seiko Baby Ice Monster

Seiko Sportura GMT

Seiko Prospex PADI Baby Tuna

Seiko Alpinist

Seiko Orange Monster Gen 2

Seiko Seiko 5 Automatic

Casio GWG-1000-1A3 Mudmaster

Tissot T Touch Expert Solar II

Citizen Promaster Aqualand

Seiko Samurai Save The Ocean

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre S

Citizen Titanium Promaster Diver GMT

Garmin Venu

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I just ask the wife what time it is 


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We can't be considered watch collectors, per se...

Universal Geneve Polerouter Date (Clous de Paris face dial)

Patek Philippe Gondolo chronometre pocket watch Au

IWC vintage pocket watch (great-great-grandfather) Ag

Petticrew Bros. pocket watch Ag

Hebdomas 8 Jours 

Tag Heuer Microtimer 1000th

And 3 vintage ladies watches similar to gentlemen pocket watches but a lot smaller.

Welcoming Seveners since 2006

The Douro Valley is waiting for you

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Just a word of warning when you send/take your Rolex to be serviced. When I took mine in to the main UK Service centre near Maidstone, they replaced a number of items with new components as part of the service . They will not give you the old items back and are liable to fit a Rolex strap and bring the watch back to factory specification. This devalues the watch to a collector, however you are unlikely to sell it, as it is a family piece to be passed on. You need to be very specific and give it to them in writing exactly what you want done. Expect a mouth watering bill. My “service” was over £800 plus vat as they had to replace the dial and hands. This was on a 10 year old Submariner.

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Thanks, I did do some research on the watch last year and was told about the potential issues of Rolex swapping out bits you don't want touched. The dial has an amazing patina which would be heresy to lose & the hands are fine. The glass is scratched fairly badly as is the case. I wouldn't mind the glass being replaced so that the dial was more visible, but definitely no polishing of the case. I would most probably take the strap off the watch before the service, as I think it might be worth as much as the watch itself, being over 2 ounces of 18 carat gold. 

Putting everything in writing is a very good idea. I know that the last time my father took it to Rolex for a service they told him to save his money and just buy a new one! 

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Rolex fanboy here

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Have you considered using an independent watch maker? Much less expensive than Rolex and probably more likely to comply with your wishes.