What happened to/Where have Alcester seven's gone?

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What happened to/Where have Alcester seven's gone?

As the the title asked ?

A huge wealth of information and personal hands on knowledge and experience which I have drawn upon on several occasions.

The site does not appear to have been updated for a good few years so I was wondering if anyone knows why, and are the contributors still seven owners/ fettlers?

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Private Message sent.


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Hi Johnathan.  Missing your input.  But must admit getting away with some crap English and spelling 


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Myles is still alive and well and driving not one but two 7s - a "real" one and a BEC Westfield EekBiglaugh

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They are all Sevens or Seven inspired Roadsters in orbit around the original Lotus nucleus, it’s just that a Tiger or Robin Hood are at higher altitudes than Caterham or Westfalia.

I also enjoyed Myles’s presence here and his writings on his ARSE (Alcester Racing 7’s Equipe) website.