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When is a Novice trackday driver not a Novice?

I have always thought of myself as a novice track driver, but there comes a time when that term doesn`t apply (we hope!)

I`ve got my black novices X on my car (from its previous owner,) and it will stay there till I ve done 6 races, 2019.

I am going to continue taking part in novice only trackdays , and everything else, but would hate /love to be asked to leave because I wasn`t seen to be a novice. It could also appear to be taking a driving place of someone with less experience who would want to take part, and not be happy to do OPL event.

Does any one on hear have any helpful advice?*driving*

And how many trackdays have you done now, Lydia...???!!!  Whistle

Edited to say:-  but, in any case, you're more than welcome to come to the Club's Novices Day - only three or so months away now...


 Joint Trackday Coordinator

Just go to a normal track day, drive within yourself as long as you're comfortable on track with the track day etiquette and cars passing you etc - you're just as entitled to be out on the track as the guy driving the fastest car there . . . and remember fast car very often doesn't mean fast driver Rofl

You'll learn a lot from other drivers and people are usually happy sit with you and give a few tips particularly if its a club event. You'll learn more from a general track day than with with all novices, just seeing the line the faster people take etc.