Who supplies Caterham Cars with their carbon products?

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Who supplies Caterham Cars with their carbon products?

As you all know I rejected my car due to the parts being substandard. I am still waiting on CC to commence work on the car as they claim they are waiting on the carbon dash, this has being going on now for over a month. So if anyone know who is the supplier is for their carbon bits please PM with their details?

Thank you

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I've been waiting since July for an R400 carbon dash. I think Caterham tried to palm me off with your rejected one (or one like it). Not a happy boy.

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Tillet I believe

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I've just got a pair of cycle wings from Premier Power. I had no idea they did anything like that. They have cycle wings, half doors nose cones (S3) and rear arches in Matt or Lacquered finish. They are autoclaved so no risk of going milky and gorgeous quality. Don't know if Stuart can do dashes though. I'm Very impressed.