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Paul Mason
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Laurel. No doubt. 100%. Clear as a bell. Nee idea what that says about me, my ears or my age, but Laurel without question. Couldn't even begin to understand how it could be heard as yanny? My 10 year old lad is equally convinced though that it's Yanny. However, he plays Fortnite incessantly so he can't be quite all there.

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Sitting next to my wife listening to it together, so same device, same time. I hear "Yanny". She hears "Laurel". Or apparently more like "Oral"... but then anyone who has met her won't be at all surprised!

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Yanny without question. Considering all the various but loud sounds I’ve been exposed to over the years from plant rooms, building works, noisy vans, cars, heavy metal, loud car stereos, aircraft engines, etc I’m very surprised it’s not Laurel (or Hardy).

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Clearly Laurel for both myself and SWMBO. I at 42 wear a hearing aid (driving my 7's and farming for 16 years), SWMBO however has good hearing. Test was without hearing aid. Alastair
Steve Wright
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Certainly strange.

Macbook speakers: Clearly Yanny

Decent Headphones: Clearly Yanny

​Put fingers in ears: Clearly Laurel, now Laurel all the time however I listen.

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