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Ian B
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Following on from the news that Caterham has been sold, the issue of the club name has been brought into pin-sharp focus.

We can broadly anticipate VT's dislike of the club name for the inclusion of a competitor brand, ie Lotus. Following on from the interview with CC's management, and from the various opinions posted on here since, it would seem that there is a groundswell of opinion for change by the vocal minority of members on here Wink

I propose that the club make plans to change the name in order to embrace a modern and mutually beneficial relationship with VT Holdings.

The decision should not be whether we change the name, but simply what that change is. 

Now is the time grasp the nettle and to act to make a change that will be of benefit to all concerned.

I propose the VT Club.

Derek Batty
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Sit down Ian. Have a slice of toast and nice strong cup of tea ,,,you've lost the plot pal 


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The 7 Samurai Club? 

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Certainly has cutting edge to it......  Getmecoat

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Love the suggested new club name Ian Rofl but not sure that even the CEO of the new holding company would want that.

Kazuho Takahashi is a motorsport competitor of many decades as well as running a business which also includes importing Lotus as well as Caterhams. I'm sure that he is aware of the benefits of a long-term history, pedigree and provenance that the name Lotus Seven carries and indeed even alludes to the car's it in his comment about being 'custodians of a motoring legend' in the news release.

We are a fully independent car club, who dance to no-one else's tune and answer to no-one outside the club. We don't need to change our name for anyone, certainly not on a whim.

- Did Scottish Widows change its name when its investments no longer went to support the widows of Napoleonic war veterans.
- Did the RAC change its name when people no longer really called a car by its full name 'automobile'?

The current club name is the name of the car we all love, as it was at the start of its historic long-lasting journey, as per the two examples above. I'd keep it unchanged, certainly for now and if ever we had to change it, I'd strongly favour just losing Lotus from the name and keeping the current strapline as it is, so as not to alienate either side of our membership or to cast aside our history.

Viva la revolution... up the vocal minority!

Giles Hudson

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Clive Dabinett
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What happens if Vt buy lotus ?