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Where is Jeff Smith ?

Has anyone seen Jeff Smith since he left Llys y Fran?

The last I saw of him was he was heading West to Newport Pembs. through Maenclochog instead of turning right and east to Newport South Wales Rofl

Must have been the win going to your head mate  Woohoo

I think he was returning to his vintage caravan and planning on a night of celebration Drink

Yes I believe he and Mrs S were planning a further night in the 'green' caravan. Maybe, after his win, he's planning on a new life on the road. 


Yes another night in the 1970 ish 12ft green caravan in Llangolman, go to Maenclochog and turn right!

Mark and Mike would have been proud of my Rioja intake to celebrate Drunk

Just got back home without delaminating any more trailer tyres


Where the hell did he get that time from???? All day he minced about in his flat cap miles off the pace, selling his car, wondering whether he wanted to do this... and then he drives the final run like his hair and pants were on fire!!

Fantastic result and well deserved from Jeff!! I've watched the video from my final run and can honestly say I thought my run was edgy, so jeff's must have been a proper throw brain away and see whether I make the top of the hill!!!!!

Hopefully he will be back more often!! In addition - Mr Calvert drove superby and was unlucky with the engine... I hope it's not serious!!

My offer of a sheared drive is still open Michael....

*double post deleted

Michael's conversion of a spin into a doughnut on the apex of the hairpin in front of the crowd was truly amazing and got a round of applause - impressive MC!


Jeff beat you in the first 64ft

Yes I have just been inspecting the 64ft times and at last the new diff and the gadgets are hooking up.  I will accept 2.22 and 2.24 at Llys y Fran all day long.

Power to weight still wins though as seen in the start times of the Empire !