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Derek Batty
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Price it higher you can always come down plus as someone said ,summer best time to sell ,,,or as I said about GP sevens they offered to take mine sell on commission,,which may be a good option save all the duck heads knocking on your door 


nothing to do with GP sevens ,,,just found them best to talk to 

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My first thouhgt based on other cars for sale was 16-18k

tbirds search:

Blatchat Google Search

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send me some pics please,iam looking for one

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Don't let it go too cheaply if you do sell.  Some 'luxury' items have been selling quite well despite the Global Covid-19 Pandemic.  This was borne out in a conversation that I had with a long established Lotus dealer recently.  With a reskin and chassis work at Arch, and paint, I would have thought at least £16-£18 k unless the mileage is way above average for the year and regular maintenance has been neglected.

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Mileage is 34k, fully stamped service history until I bought it 6 years ago, since then serviced myself and rebuilt it. (With a little help from Arch)