Controversial,,,but it’s me so he ho

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Alan - a lot has changed since those days.....

Vote again. 




Derek Batty
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Don't no when last vote was ,,would it be to much agro and cost to have another vote ,,may be good idea seeing ,,we have a new set of directors and MT. In place ,new start as they say 


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Reply to #18

Thank you for the background Stu, very much appreciated.
Richard Nichol and Co are certainly taking great strides towards mended the rift, and I look forward to the Webinar. 

In regards to the previous club name change debate, are the reasons "for" and "against" in the archive?

Appreciate the free membership aspect can become exactly that ie without renewals. 

Great to hear there new ideas to increase long term membership retention - my 10 pence worth would be I think Instagram could bring more international members to the Club. 

Golf Juliet Tango
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Healing the rift started with the AR9. And I congratulate them on that.

Nor is the name a major issue, although it is a minor irritant.  The problem lay elsewhere.


Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty

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Reply to #19


Personally I don't think you are "Controversial" - perhaps provocative - but it's a good thing.W

We should all be able to speak openly on here - and I think that is the case.

Everyone has an opinion and rightly so.
Im also a great believer in there being no silly questions.

I couldnt possibly comment on your spelling as I've not been a member for long enough, LOL - but as I say to my kids, I speak "good England since I was a children" ;)


Kingsley Young
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It’s very good that we are healing any rift with Caterham from the past , but let’s not get drawn into the old one of let’s change the name again.   

I personally wanted to stay in Europe, will I get the to vote for that again!  NO I don’t think so !! 

We have a name which is recognised World wide and in its title it states “for Caterham and Lotus Seven enthusiasts “ 

We should remember the heritage of the car and that did come from Lotus.

What happens if Caterham were to sell ! Do we go for yet  another name Change ?

Caterham are talking to us and we are moving forward.

The costs to the Club would  be so unnecessary with merchandise, stationary, etc, all would have to be changed  

Leave well alone !






Roy Blyth
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#27  Spot on!  Thumb Up 

Even Sir Derek could win it!  Driving  

Steve Wright
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Agreed, we really don't need to revisit this.

I imagine Caterham Cars are proud of the car's history, and we must not forget about the history of our club either. We have a very strong Heritage section driving Lotus Seven cars.

The point made in post #27 is a good one. What if Caterham were to be bought out in the future. Would we have another name change? 

The real irony would be if Geely were to buy out Caterham Cars with a view to Lotus having a heritage model in their lineup! Something a lot of manufacturers are doing at the moment, Aston Martin and Morgan to name but two.....


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Reply to #27, #28 and #29

You are right there are many valid points not to change the club name. 

Including - I'd like to think that CC are respectful of the Lotus 7 model heritage and that working closer with us "L7C" should not be conditional on a Club name change.

It's also clear how emotive this topic is - and rightfully so

Also wanted to ackowledge this thread wasn't started to discuss a Club name change - sorry if I derailed it - but I still think its been a good conversation to have had in the open - especially for a newbie like myself.

To me, the thread was started to highlight/discuss how closely CC and L7C are working together (addressing the reported rift) and it's obvious (thanks to AR9 and the new MT) that this is happening with good success.

In regards to the club name change, based on input on this thread - I've personally concluded:

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"



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May I point out that legally we are the Seven Club Limited. IMHO that pretty much covers it (with the exception of 21s - apologies to GJT and a few others!) No name change needed. What we trade as is a slightly different matter.

Personally, I would like to see rather less reference to Lotus in our branding and merchandising and maybe that can happen gradually? There are way more Caterham 7s around than Lotus 7s. 

I would need to be convinced that it's worth another vote. I have had more than enough referenda in my lifetime.

Happy to see a better relationship with Caterham Cars developing. That does not mean that we have to be in their pockets, nor should we expect them to bankroll the Club.

Hope that Derek Batty can continue to post without crossing the solid white line. Blatchat wouldn't be the same without him!

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