- Lotus Seven S4 - 1600GT (Ex Lotus works Formula Ford)

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- Lotus Seven S4 - 1600GT (Ex Lotus works Formula Ford)


Lotus 7 Series IV  - 1600GT - 1970  fitted with original 1600GT Lotus works Formula Ford engine. 

This car was the 31st 'S4' Seven out of 888 cars built with only 53 left in the UK.

I've owned the car for 38 years and it has had 2 previous owners,

The car has just had an engine refresh, with a new clutch/oil pump/water pump/timing chain in June 2021, having previously had a full rebuild at Caterham Cars at 80K miles. The rest of the car had a major rebuild finished in 2011 - with a new chassis / wiring loom / brakes/ hardened valve seat fitted / suspension re-bushing / etc ..etc , and has completed less than 2,000 dry miles since that date.

 In 2017 this car was the 'S4  Display car' for this model at Donnington Park for the '60 Anniversary of the  Lotus 7'.

Current Mileage - 125K.

Vehicle is Tax and MOT Exempt





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Selling after 38 years! That will be a wrench.

It is looking excellent.


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really like this, but my man maths don't add up!

Love a HPC

1992 HPC vx2.0 c20xe goodness....


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That's fabulous. Under rated and fighting the Excel spread sheet on Maths Settings Good luck with the sale

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That does look very tempting,