Half Hood and Shower Cap

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Half Hood and Shower Cap

With the intention to do a couple of club track days this year I have upgraded from the standard roll bar to a track day bar. As a result I now have a half hood and shower cap for a metric S3 which no longer fit correctly.

The half hood is vinyl and has a Caterham tag on the side so I assume it to be made by Oxted. It was not new when I got it with the car two years ago but I have only used it twice and is in good condition. £150

The shower cap I bought new less than 2 years ago from Softbits and have used it only 3 or 4 times so is still in excellent condition. It is the new design as advertised on the Softbits site with silver on the reverse side and allows for parking tickets to be displayed. £60.

I have been that pleased with both that I will be purchasing exactly the same of each to fit my new FIA bar.

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