- ITG filter for SLR throttle bodies

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- ITG filter for SLR throttle bodies


I'm looking for a ITG filter which matches the backplate for Super light Throttle bodies,  if anyone has one hanging around looking for a new home PM me please.

It looks like this i believe.


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Your best bet is to get in touch with ITG and get a new one made up.  I sent them my old filter for the SLR KV6 throttle bodies which was breaking up and they made an exact copy for about £80 as I recall.   I think I just gave them a ring and discussed what I needed, it was very easy. 


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Tom, did they use the original filter base and fit a new foam? In which case you would need a filter to start with ...


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I have an old SLR filter somewhere if you need something as a template...

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