WTD - K Series, 1.8 4-2-1 exhaust

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It would be nice if they did a 4-2-1 that connected to the existing standard K silencer/cat. The system looks very nice but I prefer the smaller diameter of the stock system. I think powerspeed only provide a 7 inch diameter silencer.

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Hi chaps,

I spoke to Fast Road and a couple of things have changed.  They no longer offer group buys, and their prices have gone up....significantly.  Prices as follow:

4-2-1 no cat = £1,500+VAT

4-2-1 with 200 cel cat = £1,680+VAT

Fitting = £300+VAT

High Polish finish = £200+VAT.

So you're looking at £2,400 for a no-cat exhaust system. Not sure how that compares to others, but that put it out of reach for me. With that expense, I might as well just trade up my car, as it certainly wont add to the overall value. 

Will continue my search for a used example!

1.8k vvc

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Kin ell!  

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TomB sums it up! *yikes**yikes**yikes*

Bolter, bolter, full power...

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Holy f***!  Expensive!

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When I joined the club 15 years ago there were a number of bulk buys. I can't remember how much they were back then but it feels like it has gone above inflation. According to the BoE £1000 back then would be £1470ish now.

If buyers back then could confirm how much they paid we can see how the price has climbed

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Speak to Mike Edwards.....

You will also find he uses properly merged collectors, not clipped bent pipes and his TIG welding is an art form, no scruffy MIG !

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I just looked out my payment details for an October 2002 club bulk-buy Powerspeed 4-2-1 exhaust.  It was for a 1.8 supersported SV.  I don't think there was a cat in it but the can was part of the deal.  I think mine was the first SV they had seen so I took my car to them to make it up.  The price included fitting.

£450 inc VAT

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Mine would have dated from around 2006, had a full system but no cat as part of a bulk buy. I can't remember the price exactly but from memory i'd say a fitted price of around £1000 sounds about right. They also modified my old exhaust to fit the headers for use at MoT time.

£2400 with no cat sounds an awful lot have to say. 

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4 into 1 system just popped up on ebay!!