- Leather seats for 2005 S3

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- Leather seats for 2005 S3

Does anybody have a good pair of leather seats that they want to sell? Or does anyone know where I could get mine refurbished, they’re looking a bit tired & the drivers seat back appears to be a little more mobile than it once was.

Cheers, Mike

Jonathan Kay
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Or does anyone know where I could get mine refurbished...

I'd start by talking to Thundersport. NB Club discount.


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NB F expensive!

I'd try a local trimmers - they are all over the place and seen some amazing work on VW van seats - multicoloured, fancy stitching and diamond quilting!


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Mike, if you're happy to wait until I'm allowed out to get to the post office I have a brand new S-Type plastic back and foam if you want them.


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