Quaife Type9 Geabox

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Quaife Type9 Geabox

I'm pulling my Quaife heavy duty Ford Type-9 gearbox out of my Caterham HPC next week.  The exiting box is good working condition, just replacing to get new ratios.  Straight cut gears.  This box has also been modified and fitted with a drain plug for easy fluid changes.  Box and shift tube only.  No bell housing or gear lever.

Ratios: 1st: 2.04,  2nd: 1.54,  3rd: 1.21,  4th: 1,  5th: .87

Used with a VX engine, 3.92 diff, and 13" wheels.  Good ratios for this setup, but should be fine for other motors as well.  Tall first is much better for around town driving then the standard Type 9 1st gear ratio of 3.9 or whatever it was.

Won't be available for long, so if anyone is interested please let me know quick.  Asking 900.