FOR SALE: Caterham Superlight R300 K-Series "DVA"

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FOR SALE: Caterham Superlight R300 K-Series "DVA"

Overview –
•    Caterham Superlight R300 (DVA K06 Kit)
•    Series 3 Chassis
•    Kingfisher Blue Pearlescent
•    17,000 Miles
•    MOT till Feb 2020
•    First Registered 05/05/2005
•    Chassis No SDKRDSLR*********

Engine & Gearbox –
•    1.8 k-Series
•    Apollo Tank Anti-Cavitation Tank
•    Full R500 Exhaust with Decat
•    6 Speed Manual Caterham Box
•    LSD

Exterior –
•    Black Pack. Windscreen Surround, Lights, Aero Fuel Filler Cap
•    Windscreen & Aeroscreen
•    Weather Equipment. Standard Roof & Half Hood, Doors, 2x Tonneau covers. 1x            for Tillets 1x for Leather Seats
•    Black Leather Boot Cover
•    Exposed Carbon Front Wings
•    Full Wrap around Carbon Rear Wing Protectors
•    Silver Pinstripe Decals Over Top & Sides
•    “FIA” Roll Bar
•    Carbon Indicator Pods, Carbon Rear Light Blocks, Carbon Fog and Reverse Light Blocks, Carbon Number Plate Light

Interior –
•    Kevlar Tillets
•    Lowered Drivers side Floor
•    Carbon Dash
•    Leather Tunnel Top
•    ACES Change Up Lights
•    Start Button
•    Armrests
•    Heater
•    MOMO with Quick Release Steering Wheel
•    4 Point Caterham Harness
•    Stack Oil Pressure Mechanical Gauge
•    1x USB socket with 2x USB ports
•    Carbon Fibre Sill Protectors

Wheels & Tyres –
•    15″ Superlight Alloys
•    Avon CR 500 195/45 R15 Front and Rear Tyres

Suspension & Brakes –
•    Superlight Front Suspension
•    Wide Track Front Wishbones
•    De Dion Rear Suspension
•    Uprated Brakes AP Racing with Vented Discs

This car started life as a Caterham Cars Demo Car. It is my understanding that this car was one of the first to have the VVC power K-Series put in it. (Information from Caterham themselves).

I spent a while trying to find the perfect Caterham for me. It was always my dream car after my dad owned an R500 K-Series so I wanted to make sure the one I buy was the one I wanted.

I found this car for sale at Oakmere Cars in Cheshire. The spec and the colour looked perfect, got the train up and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one… I drove it home!!

Originally this car had no Pinstripes, standard leather seats and the decat was fitted.
On the log book it shows 2x owners, but upon looking into this, Caterham owned the car till around 2010 and sold it to a guy in Cheshire in 2011 who drove it home and parked it in his garage until I then purchased the car in 2016.

I purchased the car with 10,000 miles on the clock. Before I purchased the car, it had been maintained by Caterham themselves being it was a demo car.

Service Intervals…
01/05/05 – Post Build Check Caterham Cars
22/06/05 – 496 Miles, first service Caterham Cars
29/11/05 – 4522 6k Service Caterham Cars
01/11/06 – 6553 6k Service  Caterham Cars
15/09/11 – 10473 Service Caterham Cars
This large gap between dates was because the 1st owner after Caterham Purchased the car in 2011 and then the car was stored and never drive till 2014 when he took it to Oakmere to sell
03/10/14 – 10567 Full Service Oakmere Caterham
23/09/16 – 10589 No notes given on what was done Oakmere Group
10/02/18 – 13506 Oils, Filter, Coolant. Bianco Motorsport
14/03/19 – 14688 Full, Fluids, Coolant, Brake Fluid. Bianco Motorsport

16/09/12 – Pass no advisories
29/09/14 – Pass no advisories
23/09/16 – Pass no advisories
28/09/17 – Pass no advisories
14/02/19 – Pass no advisories

Since I have owned the car I have done a fair bit which I have listed below….

17/10/16 – Rubber Gauge Seals replaced

20/10/16 – Fuel filler hose, Brake Test Switch, Hazard Switch, Demist Switch all replaced

26/10/16 – Fuel Sender Gasket replaced

04/11/16 – Full Health check by Caterham Cars (I will be honest here with what was noted)
1.    “Minor Corrosion” This has now been sorted, I cleaned all the areas that has been noted and sealed and repainted 4 years on it still looks good. Zero Rust
2.    “Gearbox Filler Plug Damaged” I purchased a new plug however upon going to change it, the only part of the plug that is damaged is the thread that doesn’t enter the gearbox. Because of space you can’t get an allen key so you grip the plug/Threads to do it up.
3.    “Number plate needs resticking” Re stuck when personal plates were fitted
4.    “No tyre foam” I’ve never replaced this
NOTES: All of the above, plus, oil pressure gauge flickering (common issue on the Caterham gauge so replaced with mechanical Stack Gauge)

08/11/16 – Oil filler plug purchased (not fitted but will go with car)

03/01/17 – Pipercross Air Filter replaced, DZUS Fasteners, 4x Wheel Centre Badges, Rubber Exhaust Bobbin all replaced.

15/02/17 – Oil Pressure sender replaced

12/03/17 – 82 degree thermostat fitted, Lotus approved coolant used

22/03/17 – Indictors lenses changed from clear to orange

29/03/17 – Water temperature sender replaced

28/06/17 – Clutch master cylinder failed so changed back to cable. Cable replaced and AP Racing Brake Fluid used. Also at the same time, fitted K-Series starter motor mod to sort out the famous K Click.

15/08/17 – Front Drivers side wheel bearing replaced
November 17 – January 18 – Engine & Gearbox removed. All the wire loom tidied with conduit and none used connectors hidden

25/11/17 – Reflect-a-gold stuck to the engine side footwells to stop the head coming through to the inside

08/12/17 – Organic clutch fitted with new assembly and new release bearing

26/01/18 – Whilst engine was out. Oil filter housing gasket, alternator belt & reverse switch all replaced. Apollo Tank Sprayed satin black.
Engine Refitted – After engine was refitted, car had full fluids change. Lotus approved coolant, Comma Engine Oil, MG Oil Filter, Comma Gearbox Oil, Comma LSD Oil

26/01/18 – Custom Roose Silicone Hoses manufacture and fitted in blue

21/02/18 – Kevlar Tillet Race seats fitted

11/03/18 –  Sponge replace on side panels for bonnet

06/04/18 – New Avon CR500’s fitted x4

15/01/19 – Carbon Fibre indicator pods purchased

02/02/19 – DVA Power K06 VVC Upgrade kit Purchased. Pipercross Cams, 42mm Throttle Bodies, Emerald ECU, Airbox for Throttle Bodies, Gates Cambelt + Tensioner, Rover Oil Filter, Vernier Pulleys, VVC Blanking Plates

08/02/19 – Carbon Fibre Rear Light Blocks purchased

13/02/19 – Stack Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge purchased.

17/02/19 – Carbon Fibre Fog & Reverse light wedges, Fog & reverse light boxes and Number plate light cover purchase

02/19 – Stainless Steel Cam Cover Bolts fitted

22/02/19 – Jenvey Backplate and Air filter purchased to run open throttle bodies (Never fitted)

11/03/19 – All head bolts replaced with new, All engine covers refreshed in black

27/03/19 – Sevens & Classics picked car up, Fitted DVA upgrade kit, fitted new oil catch tank kit and Dyno’d the car once fitted. Car made 179BHP as the Fuel Injectors were at their limit

29/03/19 – DZUS Fasteners replaced on lower front nose cone

05/04/19 – Engine oil replaced with Driven DT40 Racing oil. Spark Plugs replaced. MG Oil Filter. Stack Oil Pressure Gauge Fitted with custom LMA Autoparts Stainless Steel braided Gauge Pipeline. Brake fluid replaced with Driven R600 Fluid

30/05/19 – EU2 injectors fitted

22/08/19 – Car was then live mapped and all the ignition, fuelling, air all dialled in properly, we also checked the throttle body balancing. Car made 191BHP

29/08/19 – Car went back to Sevens & Classic with a noisy cambelt tensioner, tensioner and belt replaced

After a quick add up, I have spent well over £10,000 making this car as nice as I possibly can whilst still having as much fun in it whilst I can. This car is now far better than when I purchased it just over 3 years ago.

Now……A fresh MOT will be placed on the car when it runs out anyway as I will still use it on the odd occasion whilst I own it. I will be giving it a service again, so car will have a fresh service to using Driven DT40 Racing Oil. Brake Fluid will also be refreshed with Driven R600 fluid

Car will comes with all the parts I have spare, Aeroscreen inc mirrors, all lens covers, badges, hoods, exhaust cat, any oils I have left over for the car, air filters inc Jenvey filter and backing plate if you want to convert to run the throttle bodies open.

Couple of notes worth pointing out…The car has a slight rattle from the release bearing when sitting still, I have checked this and also had this checked, the car idles very low so the rattle you can here, raising the revs to around 800-1000k the rattle stops, this is purely because the car is idling very low. Can be adjusted by the throttle cable, it’s just never bothered me. Also has a small amount of panel corrosion just below the windscreen stanchions this is very common and on most 7’s. I thought about having the car sprayed to sort it but it’s not got any worse in my time on ownership so I’ve left it can’t really see it if you don’t look for it.

Genuine reason for sale. I wanted to own my dream car before I moved out of my parents’ house whilst I could afford it. I’ve now done that had the best fun in a car you can possibly have and it’s now time to buy a house.

There is a very small amount of finance left on this car. HOWEVER this will be fully cleared before anyone drives away in the car!!

Private plate will not come with the car, it will be removed and should have the original plate GN05 OSB put back on it.

I am in absolutely no rush to sell this car hence price! I am however open to sensible offers.

I have put the link below to pistonheads as it have photos.

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I would remove the VIN from the add for security as this is a public forum.

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Good point. Edited thank you.

Regards Tom

Superlight R300k+98 DVA POWER

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It’s chassis is detailed as SDKRDSLRXXXXXXX. 

If it is an R300, then the chassis number should have R3 included, so it would be SDKRDSLR3xxxxxxxx.

I am sure it has, but best clarified.


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Correct, it has a 3 after the R.

Regards Tom

Superlight R300k+98 DVA POWER

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Regards Tom

Superlight R300k+98 DVA POWER