- Standard brake master cylinder for 2001 K-series Roadsport/Supersport

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- Standard brake master cylinder for 2001 K-series Roadsport/Supersport

Mine has started weeping from the front seal; don;t believe these can be serviced so a swap out to a unit that someone may have upgraded seems to be sensible assuming it's in good condition.

New price from CC is very high. Failing that, is it a part from another mainstream vehicle that an independent supplier (such as Rimmer Bros) could do?

john g
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If it's the same Girling master cylinder that's on my 1995 xflow, service kits are available from Redline. Did mine recently.

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I spent some time looking at this last year, and discovered Past Parts who looked like they could probably service it and rehone if necessary. However the cost wasn't actually that much less than the cost of a new one from Caterham (and the new ones are all now AP racing, whether standard or uprated).  

I didn't manage to find any other vehicle that it was common with with enough confidence to look to an alternative supplier.

Simon Maitland
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Hi gin-fizz-whizz

I have a standard Brake Master Cylinder that I took off my 2010 Supersport when I upgraded my brakes to AP big brakes. It was working fine when I took it off the car. If you are interested send me a PM and make me an offer.


Jonathan Kay
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Previous discussion of a seal kit and the source of the cylinder.

Can anyone find a part number on or for the cylinder, please?