Very low mileage 2015 Kia Venga

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Very low mileage 2015 Kia Venga

Sorry, not your average Seven, but a very tidy 5 door shopping trolley or even to take the ankle biters to school or the vet.

It is a 2015 1.4 petrol 5 door Kia Venga, 5 speed manual, with a genuine 15,000 miles on it, owned by my daughter from new and with over two and a half years of manufacturers full warranty left.

It is exceptionally tidy throughout, with MoT of course, good tyres and perfect mechanicals.  It is in white with black interior, an entertainment system  (but no a/c at this price).  Drives beautifully at 70 + and returns around 50mpg.  What's not to like?

I would keep it, but with several cars in the family already, cannot justify that. 

If anyone wants to view, I am just outside Taunton.

Pricewise I am open to offers, but let's start negotiating around £6,750?

BM me with an email address, if interested and I can send some photos etc.