WANTED - Half Hood for 420R SV

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WANTED - Half Hood for 420R SV

Looking to buy a half hood to fit my caterham 7 420R SV. Thought I would see if anyone is parting ways with one before buying from one of the usual suppliers as in the current climate they all have 6 week lead times. Seems materials are hard to come by, and obviously many are still off work right now understandably. If I need to wait that's fine, but thought this may be worth a go. 

If anyone is looking to sell one please let me know. 


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Hi Rich,

Sent you a PM.


robert peacock
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Hi Rich

I have a blue one in good condition for an SV. We traded in our blue car for a yellow one so had to get a new half hood

If you are interested let me know

All the best


james marsden
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Robert - sent you a PM

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Hi Rich

What roll bar do you have? I think different bars have slightly different shaped hoods?

I have a Soft Bits hood for and SV with a trackday roll bar if you are still looking!


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If it's of interest I've just fitted a Thundersport half hood bought new for an SV with a standard roll bar on an SV with a double diagonal FIA roll bar and despite being told it would not fit and/or it would be a tight fit, it seems fine to me!