Wanted: Set of 13" wheels for a 420R

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Thats correct Mark, Thumb Up 

I asked him and he has mailed me price...

I would prefer Nigel to add it to his add so I hope he will be along so to make the amends.

If Nigel still wants a private auction then eBays is the places, adds on here should have a price, that way it's fair and transparent to all.


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Despite what Mark said I never said it was an auction, I merely stated I wasn't sure what they were worth, and in fact I only posted to see if someone was interested, before I placed an ad.

As it was the original poster of this Wanted thread contacted me via messenger, where I gave him the price.

So I don't think I broke any rules re placing an advert as I technically didn't!

These are now sold to the first person who responded.

Thanks To everyone for their interest.