This may be sacrilege but

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This may be sacrilege but

Aquawax is very impressive. Whenever I wash the car, the water beads up in impressive style.

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I'm a big fan of Autoglym products, including Aquawax. I've been using it for years on our cars. For the Caterham however I've been using Gtechniq C2. That's a sealant not a wax, but it's even better. More expensive, but I figure that Sevens are small so it goes a long way. C2 on the paintwork, L1 on the leather seats. Autoglym for everything else...


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I have been using this stuff after detailing my van. It acts almost like a sealant/ wax and leaves a great gloss finish. The beading is unreal. Just spray it on when you are finished, and then wipe it off and buff any residue. Highly recommend 


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I had to read that twice as well... Eek

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I wash my van by driving fast through deep puddles ,,this gives a nice coat of mud which protects the paintwork ,,,,,,and stops people seeing the paintwork 


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Aquawax is great stuff, and easy to use.
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I use the poorboys collection for all our cars with the same results


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Another big fan of AG Aquawax here too... I bought 5 litres of the stuff from EBay although it is sold under a slightly different name... much cheaper bought in bulk. Most AG products are good quality... also love the Tyre Dressing which leaves tyres with a lovely satin lustre.

Also love Poorboys & Dodo Juice products and Chemical Guys Vintage Speed Wipe is superb for a very shiny, gloss finish. Like many things in life though, preparation (claying etc) is essential to achieving a satisfying finish.

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